SOFie Valor


SOFie, a service dog in training, is named in honor of all those who serve in our nations Special Operations Forces. She is a very smart girl and we are sure she is going to do amazing things. Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences, Inc. has sponsored our sweet SOFie Valor! Thank you Nutramax and the Cosequin team for your dedication to service animals and our country's service members. 

Bomber Valor


Bomber is named after a Special Forces Vietnam Veteran whose nickname was Bomber. After serving time in Vietnam, Bomber was an unconventional warfare instructor and then became the Inspector General at Ft. Bragg. In 1977 he retired from the Army. Our puppy Bomber has big shoes to fill to live up to his name. 

Bomber left the service dog program and was placed as a military family support dog in July 2017. 

Dimmer Valor

dimmer older.jpg

Dimmer is named after the call sign for a heavy helicopter squadron in Vietnam. We were so humbled to be contacted about naming a puppy after this squadron and the brave men who were a part of it. During the duration of their tour, the Dimmersquadron lost one pilot and our hopes are that Dimmer will make them proud and live up to the story behind his name. Go get 'Em Dimmer🚁

Dimmer graduated and was paired with his forever veteran in March 2018. 

Poppy Valor

poppy grown.jpg

In 1915, during World War I, Canadian, Lt. Col. John McCrae penned the poem "In Flanders Fields" in honor of a friend that was killed by a German shell. The blood red poppy was able grow in the battle-scarred landscape and covered the graves of the fallen. Since its writing, the poppy has become the remembrance flower for those who have died in combat in several countries to include the United States.

Poppy left the service dog program and was placed as a military family support dog in August 2018.