Twinnie Valor


Twinnie, a service dog in training, was donated by Project 2 Heal, where the entire litter of Twinnie and her siblings was sponsored by the Speno family in honor of Kathy Speno, who spent her life giving back to others and was an avid animal lover. We are honored that this sweet little girl was chosen to come to VSD and will not only help to heal a veteran or first responder one day, but will also help to heal the Speno family through her journey to becoming a service dog.

Red Valor


Red Valor, a service dog in training, was named in honor and in memory of Gunnery Sergeant (ret.) James G. Redmond, USMC, who served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. In WWII, he was in the 28th Regiment 5th Marine Division where he and his fellow Marines were tasked to take Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima. For 32 days these men fought to take the mountain and stay alive. Men from the 28th Regiment raised the flag in the iconic photo, "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima". The 28th’s motto was “Uncommon Valor”, so it seems destined that a VSD pup be named in their honor. We hope that our Red Valor is a constant reminder of the sacrifices made by these brave Marines.

Chap Valor


Chap Valor, a service dog in training, was named to honor a WWII veteran who became a chaplain after his time in the service. After two years of service in Italy and Algeria, Chap’s namesake was discharged and on his way home called his wife and said "find me a seminary". He never spoke of his time in WWII but his experiences changed him during that period and he decided on a change of career to become a minister. We know that Chap will make him proud!

SOFie Valor

SOFie at zoo.jpg

SOFie, a service dog in training, is named in honor of all those who serve in our nations Special Operations Forces. She is a very smart girl and we are sure she is going to do amazing things. Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences, Inc. has sponsored our sweet SOFie Valor! Thank you Nutramax and the Cosequin team for your dedication to service animals and our country's service members.

SOFie graduated and was paired with her forever veteran in March 2019.


Bomber Valor


Bomber is named after a Special Forces Vietnam Veteran whose nickname was Bomber. After serving time in Vietnam, Bomber was an unconventional warfare instructor and then became the Inspector General at Ft. Bragg. In 1977 he retired from the Army. Our puppy Bomber has big shoes to fill to live up to his name. 

Bomber left the service dog program and was placed as a military family support dog in July 2017. 

Dimmer Valor

dimmer older.jpg

Dimmer is named after the call sign for a heavy helicopter squadron in Vietnam. We were so humbled to be contacted about naming a puppy after this squadron and the brave men who were a part of it. During the duration of their tour, the Dimmersquadron lost one pilot and our hopes are that Dimmer will make them proud and live up to the story behind his name. Go get 'Em Dimmer🚁

Dimmer graduated and was paired with his forever veteran in March 2018.