Valor Service Dogs trains and places Facility Dogs with qualified handlers in a health care, office or dispatch setting that supports wounded soldiers, active military or first responders. Facility Dogs provide emotional support to patients, clients and staff and can be used by their handler to motivate and encourage the people around them. Facility Dogs live with their handler and are only allowed public access to the specific facility at which their handler is employed. A Facility Dog works full-time at a facility under care of its handler. Dogs selected to become facility dogs love meeting new people, are affectionate, have a moderate energy level, and have great manners inside a home or office. They know a breadth of skills that can be used in a therapeutic way.

Facility Dogs can help staff/clients/patients increase motivation, promote social interaction, increase feelings of security, enjoy a more home-like environment, and improve overall morale of the office.

Responsibility for the Facility Dog resides with a single person, the “handler”. This person completes the application and considered the only contact and caretaker of the dog. The dog will accompany the handler to work each day and go home with the handler each night so that the dog can enjoy a normal pet life when at home.

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Please note that the wait list for receiving a facility dog can be two years long