Application Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be able to travel to VSD headquarters (Tampa, FL) for up to 2 weeks for training before taking your dog home (pending acceptance).

  2. Started service prior to and served beyond 9/11/2001 or served post 9/11/2001 in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.

  3. Must have a VA Rating for a qualifying disability that impacts your ability to complete daily tasks or negatively affects your quality of life. Qualifying disabilities include, physical injury, service connected PTSD, and/or a TBI.

  4. Must be separated from the military via Medical Discharge or Honorable Discharge and have graduated basic training.

  5. Review the following eligibility requirements that are specific to whether you are apply for a mobility support or PTSD support service dog:

  • Mobility Assistance Service Dog: Combat or Combat-related Injury or Illness

  • PTSD Support Service Dog: Deployed to areas of combat (received HFP/IDP) and Must be currently engaged with or successfully completed your individual treatment program

If you do not meet all five eligibility requirements listed above, we cannot open the application process to you at this time.
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Please note that the waitlist for receiving a service dog can be two years long